Legrigamba releases The First Single ‘Ke O Ratile’ from his Upcoming EP Kapa Dintshan

Brought to you by Time Is Money Entertainment, Ramokhele Leshoro, better known as Legrigamba is an upcoming rapper who has a talent that can’t be denied, writing and producing his own music. His lyrical content is mostly Sotho-based and his style of music is a combination of hip-hop and Kwaito all mixed in one pot.

His brand new single ‘Ke O Ratile’ was recorded in Welkom, Free State, at DJ Original studios. It is the best of worlds, a traditional rap sound fused with R&B soul, from both a vocal and production point of view.

Click on the picture below to listen to “Ke O Ratile”

Steered with Southern Sotho genius metaphor raps meets emotionally intelligent western vocals. This single is the first from the upcoming EP “Kapa Dintshan?” which is a Southern Sotho phrase used mainly in the streets meaning “What’s Up?”

Legrigamba is an artist who can boast on his unique art, which he candidly calls “hip-hop kwaito mix”. For more than 6 years in the music industry his career path has presented him with honour of performing in places like Lesotho and Bloemfontein.

It is not hard to see why he has shared the stage with some of South Africa’s most well-known artists – rappers like  “Priddy Ugly, Nature, Ricky Rick and Cassper Nyovest” to name a few.

Every place where he has performed he has spread his love of music and art with his beloved fans.

Legrigamba comes from a humble background, straight from the small town of Ditsheng in Welkom Free State. Despite his humble beginnings he sought out to aspire for big dreams. His dream began in high school “Leseding Secondary Technical School” when he started to listen and rap along to the verses of Eminems’ songs. It was then when he started to write his own rhymes in his home language.

Back home his elder brother often used to tease him and his mates, calling them “Magrigamba” which meant “foreigners” in an insulting way. He then decided to use the name “Legrigamba” as his stage name – his aim with the name he chose was to diminish its belittling meaning and make it sound fun so that the next person who hears that name shouldn’t feel offended.

His aim with his music is to inspire those in his community and the rest of the country to never give up in bettering themselves for the future.

This artist is going places, imbued with the spirit of the love he has for his music and blessed with the skill of producing, Legrigamba is a force to be reckoned with. With a heart of gold and lyrics from the soul, he has more in store for his fans as of now he is brewing up a storm that will be worth the wait.

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