Kelstar releases music video for new song “My Amour”

New Music Video Release

Artist: Kelstar

Song title: “My Amour”

The Jamza News Online team put forward a few questions to Kelstar about the video. Watch the video and see responses below:

Jamza: Who is KELSTAR?

KELSTAR ,aka Maresciay Kellyann Daniel, is a fashion designer, artist and musician. I was born in Vryheid Kzn. My love for music started at the age of 2 which led me to being offered a record deal when I was 17 yrs old. I turned it down as I felt that I wasn’t ready yet.

I have since been working independently and I have released 4 singles, with one bringing bring me great success both locally and globally.

Jamza: Is this your first official video release? If not, how many videos have you released so far?

Yes! This is my first official music video

Jamza: Did you write the song?

Yes, I wrote the song; this has been a project that I have been working on for 3 years now. I also wrote Fellow’s verse as I just decided to add him in while recording in 2019.

Jamza: Who directed and produced the video?

The video was produced and directed by Vinkev entertainment – Vinny Sibiya, Kevin Motsewabone and my Manager Rafael Daniel

Jamza: Tell us a bit about the video. What does the title mean?

The title of the song “My Amour” means ‘My love’.

The video depicts the simplicity of love, telling a true story where a couple is enjoying themselves without  any perversion or deceit that visualizes love as an expensive affair.

Jamza: What is the story (creative concept) behind the video?

The concept comes from my past experience with my loved one; few of the shots were taken in places where I spent a lot of time initiating my relationship with my now husband.

Jamza: Where you involved in the creative aspects of the video?

Yes! Most definitely; the words of the song are my feelings so I had to paint a mental picture for the directors in order for them to be able to visualize it.

Jamza: Where was the video shot?

The video was shot in Johannesburg in four different locations:  Giloolys farm (Park), Marlands (Rooftop), N12 highway pedestrian bridge, and a beautiful Portuguese restaurant In Witfield Boksburg called Tiago’s.

Jamza: With regards to the song itself, are you also singing the harmonies?

Yes, I do all the harmonizing on all my songs.

Jamza: Is this song part of an album?

No, it is a single release

Jamza: What are your immediate plans for the next few months, especially after this video release?

I have big plans but I cannot spoil the fun by disclosing future plans, but I know that I will be known and I will be representing South Africa and Africa on international stages once all is in place.

The Jamza News Online team wishes Kelstar all the best with her career.

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